Griffin Modern

Industrial and Mid Century Modern Furniture

Griffin Modern is a high end industrial and mid century modern style furniture and design shop.  We call the style "Industrial Modern" but it works well in Vintage Industrial, Steampunk and Dieselpunk settings as well. 

Fit For a Toilet.

Obviously, I don't visit my blog that often. I don't know if anyone else does either. Mostly, I just don't remember. But, just in case anyone out there reads these, here's a new entry. One of my furniture customers is a home builder and commercial remodeler. He contacted me earlier this summer and asked if I'd be interested in working on a bathroom for a hotel remodel he had coming up. This particular hotel is built along the Mississippi River and was being remodeled in a "old river town" theme. He thought my iron style would fit well with the overall feel of the hotel. I tried to think of something that might be appropriate for an old river town and came up with the idea of the bathroom being built from components from a (now defunct) foundry called Riverside Ironworks. There are iron doors for the individual toilet stalls and reinforced panels for the privacy screens between the urinals and even figured out a way to use the old shop sign. Of course this is all fabricated (story included) but, what can I say.... it works. These were great people to work with and I hope they like everything enough to call me for something else. And, if you're ever in Quincy Illinois, and need a nice place to stay, try the Stoney Creek Inn. And, if you can't spend the night, you might ask if you can just use the restroom? If you do, let me know what you think.