Griffin Modern

Industrial and Mid Century Modern Furniture

Griffin Modern is a high end industrial and mid century modern style furniture and design shop.  We call the style "Industrial Modern" but it works well in Vintage Industrial, Steampunk and Dieselpunk settings as well. 

Safe Hands

Griffin Modern officially launched October of 2014.  That's when the website became self aware anyway.  I know very little about marketing and I'm still trying to figure out how to get potential customers to be able to find me.  I started a Facebook page and created a business listing on Pinterest,  I have some pieces on Etsy and I'm running an ad in an upscale local magazine. My first customer was from Las Vegas and I just shipped a piece to Lake Tahoe California.  I'm also working on another piece for the same family. Neither really remembered the specifics of how they found me. That would be handy information to know but I'm just very thankful they did. Hopefully, that will keep up.  In one way it's really fun to have pieces going to different parts of the country but shipping is definitely a pain. The cabinet that went to Sin City was wrapped in two shipping blankets and packed in a styrofoam lined coffin-like container. The box was 3/4" plywood. I had FRAGILE......... GLASS........ TRUCK FROM THIS SIDE ONLY....... DO NOT LAY ON THIS FACE..... all in big bold letters.  I had a nice long talk with the driver about the contents and asked him to please heed the signs to which I got a lot of nodding and multiple affirmations of their conscientiousness, etc. etc.  I helped him get it up into the truck and got a grateful handshake and another assurance that I'd left my last two weeks work in safe hands.  As I was walking up the driveway he tipped it back and literally dropped it on the only side that said "DO NOT LAY ON THIS FACE!"   Then put his boot on it and shoved for all he was worth to try and squeeze this 50" box into a 45" space, crushing the two cardboard boxes at either end of that space.  He gave me a big smile and a thumbs up and said......"See, that's the safest spot on the truck", and I'll make sure the next guy is careful too......after that though dude, it's kind of out of my hands."  

That said,  I've learned to crate my pieces like I'm smuggling nitro glycerin.  So, order with confidence. It'll get there.