Griffin Modern

Industrial and Mid Century Modern Furniture

Griffin Modern is a high end industrial and mid century modern style furniture and design shop.  We call the style "Industrial Modern" but it works well in Vintage Industrial, Steampunk and Dieselpunk settings as well. 

Winter is here.

It was 14 degrees this morning when I took the dog for his walk. The farmers call that "colder than a well digger's lunch bucket". At least one farmer did.  Was he a farmer?  Heck, I don't know where I heard that.  Regardless, there's no more leaving the door open in the shop while I work. My space is well insulated but for now there's no heat. Surprisingly though, it was fairly comfortable out there today. I never could see my breath and for the most part was able to work in a t-shirt, so it couldn't have been too cold.  I have three new pieces finished and waiting for photography. I've added some detail pics in the gallery under In the Shop.  I'm trying to do something different every time.  However.... I've noticed I don't seem to vary my colors much.  I swear every time I go to pick paint for one of these I walk in with the intention of walking back out with something bright. Something closer to a primary color. I look at that fan deck with several hundred colors in it and start with a nice Ferrari red.  Or, this dark orange could work.  Maybe even a yellow. Before I know it I'm walking out with a nice battleship or gunmetal gray. The primary color of that well digger's lunch bucket.

Maybe next time.